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Consulting - Success Factory


Our HR and Business Consulting Methodology

To identify perceptions and to facilitate a more in-depth understanding of the present business environment, an assessment is conducted in the form of interviews with management and staff representatives as well as a review of pertinent documentation and processes for example: Key business areas such as the business strategy and plan, operational processes and people management practices.

Interviews with management will be held face-to-face, and will be open to all aspects of ideas, prospects, concerns, facts and recommendations within the present structure of the company or organisation.

The benefit of this analysis is that an objective view may be obtained of the challenges facing the organisation and the attributes of individual personalities removed from the findings.

Success Factory’s report on findings and recommendations will cover all aspects within the company or organisation from strategy, through people, process and technology and culture.

Our Culture / Work Ethic

We have a culture and proven track-record of consistently delivering high quality work through excellence. We obtain excellent results and we deliver high return solutions based on an inherent drive to identify, analyse and align solutions with the key drivers or strategic objectives of the business and as such achieve a clearly defined value proposition.

Our Core Competencies

Success Factory’s business model was designed and aligned with our specific core competencies:

  1. Organisational Development.
  2. Training, mentoring and coaching.
  3. Situational analysis and engagement.
  4. Professional advisory services.
  5. Strategy.
  6. Team development: From designing teams to re-building dysfunctional teams.

These core competencies applied collectively or individually will identify and close the gap that exists between true and realised potential within any company or organisation.