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Elsabé Manning founded Success Factory in 2004 – a highly successful training coaching, and consulting business which is represented throughout Southern Africa. Success Factory specialise in:

  1. Training (please click here for more information)
  2. Coaching and Mentoring (please click here for more information)
  3. Team Re-Building and Team Development (please click here for more information)
  4. HR and Business Consulting (please click here for more information)
  5. Elsabe Manning as public speaker (please click here for more information)

Success Factory is an accredited service provider – SETQAA Decision Number 2075.


Elsabé Manning is a qualified Executive, Life and Business Coach; Accredited Facilitator; Experienced Public Speaker, HR and Business Consultant and writer. She studied Human Resource Management at the University of Johannesburg.  She has many years’ experience in management, training, coaching and mentoring and team development: from designing a team to re-building dysfunctional teams.

Elsabé trains professional and company coaches and mentors who, very often, are qualified clinical psychologists.  Her wisdom, knowledge and ongoing studies in human behaviour, especially emotional intelligence, and years of experience ensure that she obtains the best possible outcomes. To this end she offers contactable references for all her work.

Elsabé is the author of Up The Corporate Ladder – Professionalism in the Workplace.  She also writes leadership and self-development articles for organisations and up-market lifestyle and business magazines and has her own television slot on Professionalism in the Workplace on ABSA Bank’s internal television training channel.  Elsabé is one of Fleet Street Publications’ Human Resources Specialists.


Our Culture/Work Ethic

We have a culture and proven track-record of consistently delivering high quality work through excellence.  We obtain excellent results and we deliver high return solutions based on an inherent drive to identify, analyse and align solutions with the key drivers or strategic objectives of the business and as such achieve a clearly defined value proposition.

Core Competencies

Success Factory’s business model was designed and aligned with our specific core competencies:

  1. Organisational Development
  2. Training, mentoring and coaching
  3. Situational analysis and engagement
  4. Professional advisory services
  5. Strategy
  6. Team development: From designing teams to re-building dysfunctional teams.

These core competencies applied collectively or individually will identify and close the gap that exists between true and realised potential within any organisation.


Success Factory’s coaching and training model is designed to facilitate positive change through meaningful cognitive paradigm shifts by identifying and changing limiting beliefs. The best way to change someone’s behaviour is through insight.  Insight happens once delegates buy into new information, ideas and different ways of thinking.  Once delegates believe the information they hear, and it makes sense to them, their behaviour will automatically begin to change.



  • Success Factory won Business Acquisition’s Business Excellence Award 2020 as the ‘Best Business Coaching Consultancy in South Africa.’
    • Success Factory won Excellence Business Acquisition’s Business Award 2019 as the ‘Best Business Coaching Consultancy – Gauteng’
    • Elsabé was selected as one of The Most Inspirational Women of South Africa of 2012 as featured in Volume 2.
    • Success Factory won The 2006 Mijima Award!
    • Winner of the  2004 GreenPepper Enterprise Award which is awarded to South African companies that  excelled in their industries, created economic growth or new job opportunities for the people of South Africa


We aspire to become the skills development company of choice by coaching, mentoring and training people to develop high performance behaviours by using the latest, proven methods and material.

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By assisting our clients to align their thoughts, words and actions to their goals and objectives.


  • Wisdom
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Achievement


SETA LOGOSuccess Factory is a customer-focussed organisation. Our accreditation ensures that our quality learning programmes are delivered by the best facilitators and we guarantee excellent service!


We are proud to be an accredited service provider to:

  • various government departments,
  • The University of Fort Hare
  • and large corporate companies such as: Netcare; Standard Bank; BP; Absa Bank; Basil Read; Credit Guarantee; First National Bank; Hewlett Packard; IFAW; Johncom; Old Mutual; Ster-Kinekor; UPS; Vodacom etc.

because we fit well into the vision of the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) and the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Success Factory’s accreditation proves alignment to NQF standards and practices.


Success Factory’s accreditation certifies compliance to legislation such as The Skills Development Act number 97 of 1998 (DOL) and The South African Qualifications Authority Act No 58 of 1995.


Success Factory’s accreditation ensures that all our clients can claim back Skills Development Levies.


Elsabé was selected as one of The Most Inspirational Women of South Africa 2012 as featured in Volume 2.

We won The 2006 Mijima Award. Winner of the 2004 Greenpepper Enterprise Award which is awarded to South African companies that excelled in their industries, created economic growth or new job opportunities.


Professionalism In The Workplace

by Elsabe Manning

A practical guide to what true professionalism and competence entails, this book guides one through all manner of business interactions, from how to conduct oneself professionally while meeting with people from other cultures to the often overlooked rules of e-etiquette. Topics include: time management, networking, self-sabotage, travel etiquette and dressing for success.